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Earn money every time you inspect a vehicle.

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Calculate how much
you can earn

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*Based on: 1) inspection fees, 2) a successful negotiation on every 3rd car inspection resulting in price reduction by 10% with an average car price of £7,500.

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Questions and answers

Who are we?

We are a platform connecting used car buyers with mechanics.
Most used car buyers don’t know enough about cars and with the best intentions, the seller
may be unaware of expensive upcoming problems with the car.
That’s why we built My Car Inspectors – a simple pre-purchase inspection service app.

How we work?

My Car Inspectors app lets used car buyers select a professional mechanic by rating,
specialty, or distance.
The mechanic carries out a kerb-side inspection and provides the customer with a report,
generated by the app. Mechanics can also negotiate the price and receive success

Can I star immediately?

Sign up today and we will send you the invitation to download the app.
As soon as you are signed up and your profile is verified you can start receiving requests for inspections. All you have to do is pick the ones that suit you.

Who are we looking for?

Qualified mechanics with at least 1 year’s experience and a passion for getting great deals
on used cars. Great kerb-side manner is a bonus if you want loads of positive reviews from
our customers.

There is no minimum commitment, no contract, just carry out as many inspections as suits your schedule. The more inspections you do and the more negotiations that result in price reductions, the more you earn. Simple as that.

Can I seriously earn more than £13,000 per month?

Yes, you can! Your earning potential depends on the number of inspections you carry out
and how many price reductions you are able to secure for our customers.

Is it free to join?

Yes, absolutely!

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